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Modern Security You Can Actually Use

With Kamali, you get a real security system. One that lets you watch from the cloud and actually works. One that lets you save and share what you need to without locating the owners manual. After all, isn't it suppose to be that way?
Water and dust proof, vandal proof, with night vision. What else is there?

Ruggedly built to last

We don’t cut corners or inflate prices and use substandard parts. We use the latest technology at affordable price points.

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No gimmicks. Only Features. Everything that's suppose to work, really works.

Local storage works without internet. Cloud view makes it even better.

You’ve surely seen it by now, most security camera apps are awful tragedies with 2.5 stars in the app store. You deserve better, and this is it.

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Power And Reliability Meet At Kamali

Finally, get the security system you deserve from 4 cameras to over 60. Our installers are the best at what they do, and with network security also in our wheelhouse you'll know that everything is configured properly and doesn't conflict with your existing equipment.

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How Long to Install?

Each system can vary in complexity, give us a call and we can get a free estimate together.

A Technology Friend

We’re not just security installers, we’re technology partners. Whether you need to add a camera down the line, give an employee remote access, or plan for a new location we’re with you start to finish

Attention to Detail

We’re proud of our systems, wiring, installation, and maintenance. A wise man once said nothing is more permanent than whats temporary. We don’t do “its good for now” fixes, its right or we don’t stop.